Born Blonde/Mirrored

In the kickoff to the Spring 2012 BFA Photography Senior Thesis shows in the Red Eye Gallery, Tagger Yancey ‘12 PH and Kelly Monroe ‘12 PH paired together from March 4-10 to display their works, titled Mirrored and Born Blonde.

Monroe’s Born Blonde told the intricate story of her consistently dyed blonde hair, and the significance of this ritual to her past and identity. Along with her own photographs, she carefully incorporated old photographs of her family and herself as a natural brunette child in order to contrast the images from present day.

Yancey’s Mirrored focused on the dynamics of his relationship with his partner, Nicholas. The collection, which included both portraits of Tagger and Nicholas and repetitive forms in natural landscapes, explored the beauty of duality and consistent similarities.

The Red Eye Gallery is located on the fourth floor of the Design Center. A list of upcoming Senior Thesis exhibitions can be found here.

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