Julian Marshall Has a Posse

As if making any senior film isn’t challenging enough, Julian Marshall 12 FAV (in the sunglasses) has pulled out all the stops to make a short narrative film about the “formative years” of the often-controversial RISD-educated artist Shepard Fairey 92 IL

Julian co-wrote, directed and already shot OBEY THE GIANT over a feverish eight-day period in February – erecting a faux “Re-Elect Cianci” billboard just off Benefit Street that caused at least one driver to veer off the road. Today he launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise another $30K for editing and post-production work, with the goal of taking the film on the festival circuit after it makes its world premiere at RISD’s own Senior Film Festival in May (16–19).

With Shep’s blessing, Julian is revisiting the early 1990s to tell the story of Fairey’s first foray into making artistic statements in verboten places. In fact, the entire “Andre the Giant has a posse” street art phenomenon really took off with the Andre graphic Fairey plastered over the image of a beaming Buddy Cianci on a campaign billboard. The now notorious ex-convict was running for re-election as mayor of Providence – and he was not pleased.

The trailer Julian’s using to market the film has a bit of a Social Network flavor, which may help explain why Kickstarter has already highlighted it as a Discover/Staff Picks project. But you be the judge when the film first hits the big screen in the RISD Auditorium next month.

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