Woven Frontier

Woven Frontier, a 9-foot-tall structure of woven burlap, cotton and silk dipped in cement, is among the works that won Eliza Squibb 13 TX the 2012 Nancy and Harry Koenigsberg Student Award given by the Textile Study Group of New York (TSGNY) .

TSGNY, a nonprofit group that promotes the fiber arts, awarded Squibb the $1,500 prize for her silk-screened fabric prints and her large-scale installation, which she created in a Weaving I class with Assistant Professor Susan Sklarek

For Squibb, who was partly educated in Tunisia, the fascination with textile art lies in the way the medium “exists on a global level … deeply rooted in culture and custom,” she says. She plans to travel to New York on June 20 to give a presentation on her work as part of the award.

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