RISD Votes to Air Presidential Battle Royal

To steel herself for tonight’s marathon of election coverage, Kelsey Lim 14 GD completed all her homework assignments days ahead of schedule.

“I’m really excited, and nervous. It’s the Superbowl of the election,” gushes Lim, the co-founder of RISD Votes.

Last spring the graphic designer started the pro-politics push with fellow Graphic Design major Keela Potter 14 GD.  Since then the team has been hard at work to make sure their fellow students uphold one of the most basic American rights and privileges.

But tonight the RISD Votes team can take a bit of a back seat. Starting at 8 pm, students are invited to the Tap Room to watch the presidential battle royal. And edible offerings from Chipotle will be there free of charge. Students with any political affiliation are warmly welcome, Lim says.

“Politics has this stigma – young people think it’s boring. But watching [the presidential coverage] can be a fun, a social activity,” Lim believes. “It’s a community event.”

Take a stroll through campus to see the latest RISD Votes posters. They’re works of art!

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