A Wired Sense of Community

Many New Yorkers still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy have found a sense of community and a warm bed on Airbnb, the popular lodging site cofounded by Joe Gebbia 05 ID/GD and Brian Chesky 04 ID.  

According to a story that aired on NPR last weekend, there’s been an outpouring of support for storm victims on the site. Many of those lucky enough to have homes still intact have been offering lodging for free to others not so lucky. 

And according to the story, it isn’t just New Yorkers in need of shelter. People in New Jersey who are still without electricity also need affordable lodging. From the airwaves:

The hardship of life in a storm-damaged city has actually brought New Yorkers closer together. Many people there have volunteered space in their homes to help out those without a place to stay. And the gathering place for connecting them: the internet. 

It’s good news to hear. 

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