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To celebrate the launch of Horses, Rizzoli’s handsome 224-page monograph of new photographs by Jill Greenberg 89 PH, her New York gallery Clampart has been hosting a stunning show called Jill Greenberg: Horse (singular) this fall. And the exhibition has now been extended through December 21.

Mr. P #1587

In the book, Greenberg writes about “how the photography relates to gender issues and whether horses are perceived as feminine or masculine,” she says. She ends up “getting to the place where they’re both” – a combination of manly muscle, sensual eyes and soft, pastel colors.

Sid #174

In contrast to her previous series on monkeys and bears, the Horse photographs aren’t quite as anthropomorphized, Jill maintains. “If the monkeys and bears series were portraits of animals as actors, these are pictures of horses as if they were supermodels. It’s about figure studies and their physiques and their silhouettes.”

For more on Jill, check out last month’s interview with her on Los Angeles I’m Yours.

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