A Costume Change for Scrotie

In the spirit of modesty, RISD’s favorite phallic mascot is switching up its uniform to something less anatomically correct.

Scrotie, cheerleader and top heckler for the Nads (RISD’s co-ed ice hockey team), will now wear an earlier iteration of the foam suit that some believe is more in keeping with the unofficial mascot’s silly demeanor. 

According to Kelsey Lim 14 GD, vice president of RISD Student Alliance, the board decided to retire Scrotie’s most current costume to preserve the innocence of young Nads fans (and the community at large). “There was a preference for the older, more cartoonish Scrotie,” Lim explains.

Students are encouraged to redesign the next generation of the animated icon, says Lim. “There’s no definite plan for Scrotie yet,” she explains. “We’re just waiting for someone to come forward to spearhead the effort!”

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