Business Insider reports that RISD ranked #1 in its recent survey of The World’s 25 Best Design Schools, which looked at the most valuable design programs for fueling “the golden age of design in startups.” Acknowledgement of our emphasis on “artrepreneurship” from leaders in the tech world is great news “for all of us who really love this iconic institution,” notes Chairman of the Board Michael Spalter.

Among the design-driven companies Business Insider cites as “leading the charge” are Airbnb – founded and run by alumni Brian Chesky 04 ID and Joe Gebbia 05 ID/GD, who recently became a RISD trustee.

With the MIT Media Lab ranked second in the survey, President John Maeda – an MIT graduate who served as associate director of research at the Media Lab – notes: “Many of our students admire the Media Lab for its superior financial and technical resources. This little bit of news means that we are no longer as far behind as they thought!”

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