On Thursday night, seniors in the Illustration department unveiled the eleventh-annual Advanced Projects Exhibition, an amazing show in ISB Gallery that displays wonderful watercolors, brilliant wall art and thought-provoking 3D models.

According to Zoe Bae 13 IL, one of the exhibit organizers, the show was juried by a small group of students. The results are nothing less than spectacular. “In our conversations about the show we were really able to delve into the work. We’re pleased with how it turned out,” Bae gushes.

Alex Rowe 13 IL also helped to curate the show. He says the collaboration with his fellow students was an incredibly educational experience. “No man is an island. We were working as a team,” he notes. 

The show will be on display in ISB Gallery through December 14. Click on each photo to find out who created these masterful pieces.

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