In an unstoppable rash of media attention, Seth MacFarlane 95 FAV has now gotten the Barbara Walters treatment (and he didn’t even break down in tears as a result). Walters chose him as one of her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012, which led to the piece that aired last night on ABC.

In the interview she actually ups the ante on “fascinating,” calling Seth an “all-around genius.” She also asks him what it’s like to earn more than $30 million a year and adds, “You might think that Seth is at the peak of his career, but, in fact, he’s just getting started.”

ABC6, the local affiliate, filmed a tie-in video on campus yesterday, interviewing FAV Professor Amy Kravitz about what Seth was like as a student (“He didn’t always listen to what I suggested to him”) and asking a couple of other current students what they think of his success. Check it out here.

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