Well-Adjusted Artists?

In an interview in the January issue of Modern Painters (and published on ARTINFO), Painting faculty member Christopher K. Ho clearly shows his “mordant wit.” He also talks about the inspiration behind his new show Privileged White People, which opened last week at Forever & Today in NYC.


In looking at the genesis of his well-named exhibition, Ho told aritst/interviewer Roger White – a privileged white person himself – that in teaching at RISD for over a decade, he has “encountered many preternaturally well-adjusted students. Their social ease impresses me,” he admits, adding that “looking back on my own early 20s, I didn’t have that at all.” 


So Ho began wondering: “How does well-adjustedness manifest in art? What is the visual and formal vocabulary of well-adjustedness, or of a generation of particularly well-adjusted people?”

Read more about it in the interview or better yet: see the show. Privileged White People continues through February 17.

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