ALSO, the design studio run by Matt Lamothe 02 FAV, Julia Rothman 02 IL and Jenny Volvovski 02 GD, seems to emerge with one great idea after another. For their alluring new(ish) book The Where, the Why, and the How, they invited 75 artists (including themselves) to illustrate answers to some of life’s most persistent questions – stuff like: Why do we hiccup? How do migrating animals navigate? Why do people blush?

In the book, scientists also answer the questions in essays, but not surprisingly, it’s the illustrations that bring the thing to life. And clever alumni that they are, Julia, Jenny and Matt also invited David Macaulay BArch 69 – the master of visual communication responsible for bestsellers like The Way Things Work and countless other classics – to write the intro, which he did.

Last week Kurt Andersen of Studio 360 aired an interview with Julia about the book. You can listen to their 6-minute chat right here. And maybe you want to respond to the Studio 360 challenge to illustrate your own answer to: Are we alone in the universe? (If so, get hoppin’: The deadline is February 3!)

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