Lovely looks made by MEN hit the StyleWeek Northeast runway Thursday night. The flowy women’s apparel collection produced by RISD alums Masha Davydova 12 APEmily Shaw 12 AP and Natalia Burakowska 12 AP is inspired by the works of Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse.

MEN’s wide-legged trousers, delicate dresses and loose cardigans would all make a perfect outfit for a cruise on the Seine River. “We wanted the clothes to be comfortable but also inspire a sense of romance,” explained Shaw after the show. “All three of us are interested in art history. The great painters from the 1920s definitely influenced our collection.”

Shaw already has much design experience under her belt. She designed a “capsule collection” for clothing powerhouse Urban Outfitters before graduating last year. 

Click through the photos pictured above to read more about the designers behind MEN!

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