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Grad student Remeike Forbes MFA 14 GD got a shout-out in the New York Times a couple of weeks ago for his “sleek design” of Jacobin magazine and its accompanying website. The well-conceived and produced quarterly – which the Times calls an “improbable hit” that’s bringing “Marx to the mainstream” – is only up to issue #9, but is already making its mark.


In a great article explaining the genesis of the Jacobin identity, Remeike notes that “no image is truly neutral and attempting to dissolve a visual identity in the acid bath of high modernism isn’t a design solution.” He goes on to acknowledge that “some of the most powerful visual marks have been formal disasters. Take for example the clinched fist, perhaps the most prolific tool in the Left’s graphic arsenal. It’s messy and difficult to recognize at smaller scales – semantically, it can be beaten into a meaningless pulp through poor application, as it so often has – but as the Wisconsin fist proves (another hideous iteration of an already ugly form, but a brilliant one at that) it can still be powerful when done right.”


Remeike’s work for Jacobin is done through Position Studios, a two-person venture in Providence that has also produced such great stuff as HouseTab (an app for calculating shared expenses) and Fertile Underground (a local workers’ coop).

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