Mind-Blowing Work

Students in the Brown/RISD Dual Degree Program are always in a constant state of mental ping-pong; they’re always shooting ideas back and forth between the left and right brain. This type of energy results in the work (that is absolutely mind-blowing) now on display in Full, the fifth annual Brown-RISD dual degree exhibition, at Brown University’s Granoff Center for the Creative Arts. 


Nazli Ozerdem 14 PT (pictured above) is majoring in Painting at RISD and Art History at Brown. The native of Turkey spent over three months working on Ice Shell, an incredibly detailed drawing inspired by a photo she snapped off the coast of Iceland.

Lizzie Kripke 14 PT (pictured below) created grid it, a thought-provoking piece made of clay, galvanized steel and tape. The art takes the shape of a spongy human brain sprouting thin, metal probes. “I like that [the piece] looks as if it’s literally sparking ideas,” she says. “It’s a visual metaphor for the way the brain works.”


Full continues through Wednesday, February 13 at the Granoff Center. To learn more about these multitalented students and the dual degree program, check out this story on risd.edu!