RISD Artwork Makes a Splash

Landlubbers who visit Ocean Stories: A Synergy of Art and Science, one of the newest exhibitions at Boston’s Museum of Science, will dive into the mysteries of the deep sea – and still manage to stay dry. There, they will encounter beautiful artworks inspired by images captured by high-powered microscopes. The collection opens on February 16 and runs through May.

The collection is the result of collaborations between artists who studied under ocean scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). Within, the Ways of Water (pictured below) by Anastasia Azure MFA 13 TX is just one of the vibrant works included in the exhibit. 


Lizzie Kripke 14 PT, a student in the Brown/RISD dual degree program, helped curate the show after she became a co-director of Synergy, a MIT-affiliated organization that aims to educate the public about science initiatives through art. 

The student – who is majoring in both neuroscience and painting – understands the beauty of the sea firsthand. While completing an internship at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Lab last summer, she created animations that allow scientists to see skin cells of cuttlefish in 3D. 


“This dialogue motivated the scientists to consider their research through an aesthetic lens, and the artists to develop new visual strategies for communicating science in engaging ways,” writes Kripke. “The result is a creative expression of cutting-edge oceanography.”

Curious to know more about Kripke’s scientific explorations? Check out this story on risd.edu about her internship at Woods Hole.

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