Professor Gabriel Feld in our Architecture Department shared with me a few photos of projects by one of our graduates from almost two decades ago, Rahoul Singh. Gabriel writes:

Rahoul shared with me some of his recent work. The office he heads with his wife Lakshmi is moving in scale, from houses and interiors to larger commercial and institutional projects. Here are two images of a recently completed resort that I really loved. Don’t you think that they show an almost bodily sensibility for the materials — the muscle of the stone, the skin of the plaster, the skeleton of the frame, even the eyelashes of the bamboo — and the way they articulate the ground and the sky, the light, and the views of the landscape?

I love the language of the *sensuality* inherent to architecture. If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to visit Gabriel’s blog where you can learn all about how to “read” a city: -JM

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