Futuristic designs by RISD’s trendsetting Apparel Design students are now on display at Woods-Gerry Gallery. Those who attended Thursday’s opening reception were the first to get a peek at the ethereal formal wear, geometric dresses and theatrical ballet costumes.  

Inspired by the colorful fashion found on the streets of Tokyo, Emma Altman 13 AP likes her designs to pop. Pleather skirts with asymmetrical hemlines, see-through shirts and shorts bejeweled with images of guns are just a few of her eye-catching looks.

“It’s pin-up girl meets Japan’s Lolita fashion,” Altman says of her clothing. “I like there to be an element of surprise in each piece.”

Her fabric of choice: spandex. “I love the stretchy quality,” she explains. “It helps accentuate the curves of the body to give it a 1950s silhouette.”

Can’t get enough RISD fashion? The departmental show is on display at Woods-Gerry through February 26. Click on the images above to learn more about the fashion designers’ looks.