Marvelous cut-out books, mixed media projects and striking posters made by seniors in Graphic Design are on view in Woods-Gerry through April 2.

One of the show’s many wonderful works includes a book by Michelle Mao 13 GD. The handcrafted publication binds together transparent pages that explain the evolution of the household iron. Elsewhere in the gallery, Mari Iwahara 13 GD presents a colorful assortment of parrot-themed postcards she designed while interning at Adobe in New York City last summer. 

The work isn’t all in 2D. Elsewhere in the gallery, Mirali Chatani 13 GD presents a body of sterling silver jewelry cast in geometric shapes that were inspired by graphic design. And Adam Lowe 13 GD shot Identity, a documentary that chronicles the life of a student in RISD’s graphic design department.

Danielle Dodge 08 ID and Seth Snyder 08 ID attended the exhibition’s opening reception last week. Both industrial designers were highly impressed with the diverse array of work. “I didn’t expect to see jewelry at this opening,” notes Dodge. “The exhibition is well worth a visit.”

Click on the images above to see who made these terrific pieces!

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