Chairs of RISD

In a hilarious Tumblr blog titled Chairs of RISD, Sara Pollard 13 IL provides a visual encyclopedia of the four-legged furniture she encounters on campus - and passes strict judgement using her own set of criteria. Levels of comfort, aesthetic appeal and “germiness” are all taken into account before each chair is given a candid descriptor and graded using a five-point asterisk system.



Sara Pollard 13 IL drew these illustrations to chronicle RISD chairs.

For instance, Pollard warns readers of the perils of grid butt: an unsightly imprint that inevitably forms on skin that makes contact with a specific type of wire chair. (See the bottom center illustration posted above.) It received three asterisks for style and one for comfort. 

The illustrator writes:

This is the ULTIMATE grid butt chair. If you have exposed leg, you WILL get grid all up on your butt. Which some designy people might like. I don’t know. If I’m going to sit in a chair that’s fancy and expensive, I expect my body to look the same (or better) when I get up from it. 

She also trashes a stool with wheeled legs:

This stool is the bane of my existence. These little punks like to roll away as you try to sit in them. And they try to look all sleek and important by being all metal. But, everyone I have talked to has had them roll away when trying to sit down. Not ideal.

There are some winning chairs in the mix. She praises her own dormitory toilet (aka commode) for being a “good place to catch up on tabloids, meditate and being anti-social in general.” And a rocking chair that sits next to her desk also gets a good review. 

The rocker adds thrill and gives you that feeling of nearly falling. But, once you get past that, it’s a prime chair for Netflix if I swaddle myself in blankets. Lends itself to being sat in for hours of internetting after showering.

Pollard isn’t done reviewing RISD furniture. At the end of spring break, she’ll get an early start drawing (and sitting) on the chairs found in the Industrial Design building. “I can’t wait to resume my search!” she explains enthusiastically.

Check back in after spring break ends to read Pollard’s latest furniture review!

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