This weekend, RISD Cycling hosted an Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC) event for the first time in downtown Providence. Hundreds of spectators gathered on city blocks to watch over 200 riders race a one-mile route that looped around Market Square and Memorial Park.

“As a racer, it was definitely one of the best atmospheres I’ve experienced at a collegiate race,” says Jules Goguely 15 ID, captain of the team. “I think our race really left a mark on the ECCC.”

Riders from prestigious cycling schools including Harvard University, Pennsylvania State University and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) agreed with Goguely’s sentiments. After the race concluded, rave reviews of the event began popping up on teams’ Twitter feeds. The NYU team described the event as “killah.” 

"This weekend was a chance for us to show off our school to over 250 of our peers and their coaches from across the Northeast,” notes Alexander Dale BArch 14, who rides for RISD Cycling. “We already have plans to host an event next year.”

Out of all the teams that raced through the RISD campus, cyclists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) clocked the fastest times overall. Winners were given distinct trophies: metal cubes spray painted hot pink. The prizes were originally class projects made by juniors in Furniture Design.

“Pink is our team color,” notes Goguely. “It adds a touch of art school to the event.”

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