Painting + Ceramics Now at Woods-Gerry


Enthusiastic Painting and Ceramics students and their friends flooded into Woods-Gerry last Thursday for the opening of their senior show, which is up through Tuesday, the 23rd. image

And at the Excavation They Will Clean the Remaining Clay from Us, a piece by Eda Soylu 13 PT, features spring flowers preserved in concrete and rebar. The artist ruminated on the juxtaposition of life and death – how immersing the flowers in concrete killed them but also preserved them in all their beauty. Soylu plans to head back to her native Turkey after graduation, rent a quiet studio and continue to focus on her work.

Martial Ramos 13 PT is among the painting students who opted to show videos at the exhibition. He’s presenting a piece called The Tyranny, which seems to lament the hold that pornography has on modern-day men.


Other eye-catching pieces include this crowd-pleasing collection of cannibalistic circus freaks by Mika Thewes 13 CR anda large acrylic on masonite painting, Oolong, by Lucy Lie 13 PT.


At the opening, Ali Jane Hitchcoff 13 CR encouraged visitors to handle her organic ceramics pieces, including the gorgeous porcelain and walnut piece in the foreground above, called I Wish I Was. 

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