Two new stories in USA Today and Financial Times focus on what has become a good old adage for a reason. But they also note the growing recognition that design is essential to success in the tech industry – and both mention RISD in making the case that good design is no longer just a nice-to-have add-on.

“Understanding that design isn’t just pixels and paint but an experience that has been thought through end-to-end is really important,” notes Megan Quinn, a partner in a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, in the piece published in Sunday’s Financial Times

The article points out that “many of the brightest hopes in the West Coast tech industry are led by the design savvy, from Airbnb – where two co-founders [Joe Gebbia 05 ID/GD and Brian Chesky 04 ID] met at Rhode Island School of Design – to Square, where chief executive Jack Dorsey takes a perfectionist approach to product and user experience….”

The piece in USA Today also mentions Airbnb and notes that reimagining “products and services through a design lens has received significant investment and returns in Silicon Valley.” And it points out that “a growing group of designer-entrepreneurs… have traditional user experience backgrounds from design schools… such as Rhode Island School of Design.”

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