FAV Ranks #1!

Animation Career Review has named RISD #1 in its newly published list of the Top 20 Animation and Game Design Schools on the East Coast.


A still from Fetch, a degree project animated film by Shoon Phyo 13 FAV

According to the editors, “The criteria we used in making this list consists, in no particular order, of the following: academic reputation, admission selectivity, depth and breadth of the program and faculty, value as it relates to tuition, and geographic location.”


from Upside Down Play Ground by Hyunah Choi 13 FAV

The folks at Animation Career Review also concede that “like any list, ours is not perfect… There is no single opinion that trumps all when it comes to which school is the ‘best.’”


from Our Son by Erick Ko 13 FAV

That said, in its explanation of why RISD ranks #1, the site cites our Business Insider ranking as #1 in its list of The World’s 25 Best Design Schools and the #2 ranking in Fine Arts grad programs from US News & World Report.  


from Hand Painted Sunny Daze by Yasmina Shirazi 13 FAV

The school… offers a number of degrees and related degrees for aspiring animators and game artists,” notes Animation Career Review. “While the school’s most popular majors are Illustration, Industrial Design, Architecture and Graphic Design, the BFA in Film/Animation/Video (FAV) is well respected in the world of animation and game art.” 


from Bertie and Camera by Ana Kim 13 FAV

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