This morning Provost Rosanne Somerson 76 ID welcomed RISD’s new faculty and students at Convocation, a happy ceremony that marks the beginning of the academic year. Toward the end of her keynote address, the provost noted that the rigors of RISD may lead new students to feel “frustrated at times, pushed mercilessly, exhausted and possibly confused.” But as a result, students will ultimately feel “deeply satisfied, exhilarated and proud of [those] discoveries.”

“At RISD you will find that your dedicated faculty and their challenging assignments will guide you into places where the [creative] impulse that already lives firmly inside you will be deepened and enriched,” she noted.

President John Maeda also welcomed new students and applauded them for having the gumption to study an innate love: art and design. “People thought you were crazy for coming to RISD,” the president said. “But you know they were the crazy ones for not pursuing their own passions and dreams. You are the sane ones – the most sane ones in the world.”

Check out this recorded livestream of the hour-long Convocation event to get the full flavor!

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