Zittel Earns Sick Position


Master experimenter Andrea Zittel MFA 90 SC is working at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) this year, where she has been appointed the 2013–14 William and Stephanie Sick Distinguished Professor.

As the Sick Professor (now there’s a title worth fighting for!), she’s leading several workshops with students enrolled in Thing Lab, a course highlighting SAIC’s Art/Design Nexus curricular initiative.

Earlier this month Zittel also launched the school’s visiting artist lecture series with a talk about her work at A–Z West. That’s her desert compound in Joshua Tree, CA, where she pursues investigations into the basic aspects of daily life – food, clothing, shelter, home furnishings – that define human nature and social needs.


Since graduating from RISD, Zittel has experimented with wearing a uniform for months, exploring the limitations of living space by constructing (and living in) pods placed in unusual locations and living without measured time. One of her goals is to illuminate how we attribute significance to chosen structures or ways of life and how arbitrary these choices can be.

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