Those who stopped by Thursday’s opening reception for a provocative Printmaking show now on view in Benson Hall may have spied the familiar face of comedian Jerry Seinfeld when checking out shrines assembled by Carter Davis 15 PR. A novel by the cheeky stand-up actor made its way into Infinite Misery, the printmaker’s latest installation incorporating found objects and two-dimensional pieces (pictured above).

Davis routinely uses antique letterpress printing blocks to create work with an old-timey look. “I used a Vandercook press to print the typography,” he explained, gesturing towards his work. “It invokes a feeling of the roaring 20s.”

In addition to the glowing shrine, visitors were curious about A Mountain Stream, The Crying Bird, Move Swifty, a humorous installation by Hardy Hill 15 PR. Balancing a bundle of leafy vegetables against a wall fixture, the artist challenges viewers to rethink their approach to food.

“I’m finding that students are making work that is political and explores current social problems,” notes Printmaking Professor Cornelia McSheehy. “The work is really smart.”

See the show now on view at Benson Hall through Tuesday, November 19!

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