Giannini Crosses the Line


Providence-based painter Anthony Giannini MFA 12 PT recently learned that he won the Rhode Island Foundation’s 2013 MacColl Johnson Fellowship, which is awarded to “emerging and mid-career Rhode Island artists whose work demonstrates exceptional creativity, rigorous dedication, consistent artistic practice and significant artistic merit.”


Giannini is also looking forward to showing seven new large-scale paintings in Crossing the Line, a solo show opening tomorrow (February 6) at Walter Otero Contemporary Art in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Imperium Neptuni Regis (Baptism) (see detail  above) is among his new series of collage-like works that incorporate fragments of nautical and military images as well as subliminal flashes of 20th-century advertisements.

As Associate Professor Daniel Harkett point outs, Giannini’s work “invites us to linger in that space of uncertainty where doubt corrodes trust in official institutions, where language turns into sinister doublespeak, and where boundaries, once imagined as solid, dissolve before our eyes.”

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