Sharing Stories of Tragedy

Earlier this week, local news station ABC 6 ran this interview with Jordan Seaberry 14 PT. The story focuses on the series of 4x5-foot abstract paintings he has been making to pay tribute to the 14 people murdered in Providence last year.


“It’s the most beautiful thing you can imagine, built out of the most tragic thing you could possibly picture,” Seaberry says of the paintings he has been making. After growing up in Chicago, he can identify with the victims, feeling like he could have easily been one of them. “When we talk about street violence and homicides, we tend to write them off as this urban epidemic that doesn’t affect anyone else,” he says.


“I think seeing these paintings means you saw what happened,” Seaberry tells the ABC reporter. “And sharing that story means you were sitting on that mother’s couch like I was” – listening to the story behind each tragedy.

Seaberry is now working with Providence’s Institute for the Study & Practice of Nonviolence, hoping to raise the additional funds needed to complete the series of 14 paintings.

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