May the Best Mutt Win!

So, you think your French bulldog is cuter than my Chihuahua? Let’s let the voters on Klooff decide. The brand new mobile app (just launched this month) allows users to see, share and vote for their favorite pet photos and videos.

Company co-founder Jane Chung 06 GD spent the past nine months building, designing and branding Klooff with co-founders Mario Encina and Alejandro Russo“I always tell them about my experiences at RISD and they’re always telling me that they want their kids to go to RISD,” she says. “It made me feel grateful that RISD has really helped shape my thinking and trust my entrepreneurial abilities to jump into a high-risk startup so late in the game.” 

imageKlooff already has over a million followers on Facebook and is available as an app for the iPhone and Android. Check it out here (and vote for my cat). Or if you really love Riley, the dog in the video up top, the good news is that he belongs to RISD alum Cynthia Li 09 GD, who clearly had fun working with Chung to plug the app. 

We took a very simple concept (people all over the world LOVE pets) and made it accessible on mobile and sharable,” Chung says. “Sometimes people tend to take the joy out of things by taking them too seriously.” 

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