Unorthodox Points of View


Can the way a space is designed cultivate specific behaviors or enforce stillness? What is the role of light in creative spaces and classrooms?

These were some of the questions posed by Jordan Taylor MFA 14 CR (pictured below in the studio) when he presented his final body of work last week as critics gathered around his work on view in the Graduate Thesis Exhibition at the RI Convention Center. 


Taylor’s piece – the latest iteration in an ongoing series called Tubes – invites viewers to enter a dark, vertical space and peer through a hive-like assembly of painted ceramic cylinders. The experience from the inside – claustrophobic and confining – is wholly different from the more sensual exterior view. 

“The piece seems to be less about clay and more about the pedagogy of the oppressed,” noted visiting critic and art historian Ezra Shales. “I read this as a statement about the shortcomings of our education system.”

Next week Taylor will be in the spotlight again when he stands before a crowd of thousands as the Graduate Student Speaker at Commencement.

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