A Very Moving Moveable Studio


After an intense week of working with 11 alumni in Istanbul, Professor of Architecture Gabriel Feld is totally delighted with the first of three experimental workshops known as A Moveable Studio

The idea of the series is to offer alumni in selected cities the opportunity to work together on an ad hoc basis to design and build a temporary installation somewhere in their home city – in this case in the main entryway to Kadir Has University along the Golden Horn, where the group liberated 500 white balloons that rose 25 feet into the spacious hall.


The group first began brainstorming with each other on a Sunday evening, with design workshops held at SALT, one of Istanbul’s “most prestigious art and design venues,” according to Feld, who contributed this Postcard from Istanbul to the new RISD Global website.


“It was a terrific experience – certainly for me and I hope also for everyone who participated in the workshop one way or another,” Feld (above) says. “The whole week gave me a sense of the extraordinary environment that Istanbul offers to artists and designers and the unique position that RISD has through its alumni, who are full of talent, imagination, energy and commitment.”

Thanks to support from RISD’s new 2050 Fund, Feld is also hosting week-long workshops with alumni in Seoul this month and São Paulo in July.

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