RISD will have an unusually strong presence at next month’s Ottawa International Animation Festival, which runs from September 17–21 in Canada’s capital city. One of the leading festivals in the world, OIAF received 2,033 entries from 70 countries, with judges selecting 101 short films, five features and 71 showcase films to be screened. 

Among the five features chosen for the competition is Truth Has Fallen, a one-hour animated documentary by Sheila Sofian 83 FAV on James McCloskey’s work to free prisoners who have been wrongly convicted of murder.

The RISD School Reel, a 38-minute curated collection of animated films made by 10 juniors and seniors, has been selected for inclusion in the official school category.

The Divide (3:50) by Brent Sievers 14 FAV is among the films that will be screened as part of the RISD School Reel, while also competing in the Undergraduate category. 


Superjail!, a boisterous series co-created by Christy Karacas 97 FAV, will compete in the Television Series category, while Hockey Dream, an ad for Oreos by Dan Abdo 00 FAV and Jason Patterson 99 FAV, competes in the promotional category.

Other great films by RISD people to look for next month in Ottawa include:

Toro by Lynn Kim 14 FAV in the Undergraduate competition, along with Lesley the Pony Has an A+ Day! by Christian Larrave 15 FAV and The Divide by Brent Siever 14 FAV.

Jiro Visits the Dentist by Gina Kamentsky (FAV faculty) and Totem and Yield by Caleb Wood 11 FAVwill compete in the Experimental category.

Hundred Waters ‘Cavity’ by Michael Langan 07 FAV will be screened as part of the Music Video competition.

And the following films will also part of the festival’s non-competitive showcase:
Ladies’ Night by Simeon Kondev 14 FAV

Happy Holidays! by Leah Shore 09 FAV

Happy and Gay byLorelei Pepi 87 IL (former FAV faculty) 

Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop by Caleb Wood 11 FAV

All in all, RISD-related films comprise roughly 10% of the work selected for OIAF worldwide – a great showcase for some of the finest films to emerge this year.

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