Standing in the center of Woods-Gerry Gallery, David Harrison took a quiet moment to size up What’s Left Behind, a rust-stained garment adorned with large metal nails. Pre-College student Gillian Yerington made the piece during the intensive intro to college-level studio work she has been experiencing this summer at RISD.

“It would be completely impractical to wear this,” notes Harrison. “There’s a real possibility you could get slightly impaled if you bumped against the hardware. But it’s totally inspiring to see how the artist went about making it. It’s really powerful.”

The sharply designed textile is on view through tomorrow, August 8, in the Pre-College Exhibition, a collection of engaging works made by teenage artists enrolled in the six-week program. On Wednesday evening, hundreds of students celebrated the show of their final projects at a bustling opening reception.

Harrison (pictured above) also debuted his own textile imprinted with a grid of graphics based on US license plates. “The owners of a diner in my hometown strung up funny vanity plates to a wall,” explains the native of Exeter, NH. “That image has always stayed with me. I thought it would be an interesting visual pattern to silkscreen.”

While taking a break from welding in RISD’s metal shop to visit the show, Amy Lubinstein 17 SC was immediately taken with Letters, a statuesque mannequin made of delicate paper (to the left in the second row above). Cyrus Glanzer made the arresting piece while studying Sculpture this summer with faculty member Lu Heintz 01 SC.

“I’m drawn to the sheer size of this paper doll,” explains Lubinstein. “And the texture of the layered paper is just elegantly beautiful.”

If you’re on campus, act fast! The exhibition at Woods-Gerry closes on Friday, August 8.

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