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poster by Alyssa Winnans

Building on his other crowd-sourced poster campaigns (such as Design for Obama and 1200 Posters), Aaron Perry Zucker 09 GD recently co-founded The Gun Show, a growing collection of posters designed to promote gun safety and sold online.


poster by Aaron Perry-Zucker 09 GD

In this interview with Steven Heller, Aaron explains the motivation behind his latest activist effort. “Artists and designers joining the national dialogue on gun violence will help maintain the discussion and keep pressure on Congress to take action,” he says.


poster by Juana Medina 10 GD

More than anything, the Gun Show posters present “images and messages that are able to give voice to the mood and feeling of this post-Newtown push for gun control,” Aaron says. They represent “voices that by nature are not political or partisan, but real and authentic in a way that only art can be.”