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With Oscar-mania reaching a full frenzy leading up to the big day, anyone plugged into just about any device is likely to hear about Seth MacFarlane 95 FAV, if they haven’t already. The semi-“controversial” host of this year’s awards ceremony – who’s also a multitalented jokester-of-a-thousand voices – just may push the envelope on Sunday night, even in Hollywood.

When asked how he thought he’d do as the man of the hour (or two), he told ABC News he’ll probably stand out as the “most astonishingly dazzlingly mediocre” Oscar host in recent memory. (Or not. You’ll have to tune in to judge for yourself.)

p.s. Here’s hoping cinematographer Robert Richardson 79 FAV nabs another gold statue – this time for his work on Django Unchained.

Oscars Watch


In case you’ve been stuck under a rock today, this morning actress Emma Stone joined Seth MacFarlane 95 FAV, host of the upcoming Academy Awards ceremony on February 24, in announcing the nominees for this year’s Oscars.


We’re excited and delighted that Beasts of the Southern Wild, the breathtaking independent film that four alumni helped bring to the big screen, has been nominated for Best Picture and Best Director (Benh Zeitlin’s sister Eliza Zeitlin 07 SC went to RISD, which is how she and other alumni got involved). And big little Quvenzhané Wallis (above), who was 6 when the film was shot, has been nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role! (Read more about our alums’ involvement in the latest issue of RISD XYZ, starting on page 20.)


We’re also thrilled for animator Martha Grant 10 FAV, who devoted a big chunk of the last couple of years to working on ParaNorman and now gets the pleasure of seeing it nominated for Best Animated Feature Film.


Talented cinematographer Robert Richardson 79 FAV, who earned his third Oscar last year for Hugo, is in the running for another this year – for his work on Django Unchained, the fourth film he’s made with Quentin Tarantino.

Interviewed on Good Morning America this morning, Seth noted that the wide range of nominees this year – which includes the youngest and oldest actresses ever to be nominated for Best Actress – is refreshing: “This is great. It’s nice to have an Oscars where you don’t know who’s going to win. It’s actually a contest, so it’s exciting.”


Seth – who’s a crooner and musician himself, among many other talents – also says he was surprised to learn he’s been nominated for Best Original Song – for writing the lyrics of a song for Ted, his first feature film. 

The New York Times coverage of today’s Academy Award announcement noted that “MacFarlane worked hard to squelch skepticism about his selection as host and give a hint of what will come on Oscar night, cracking a series of one-liners that mocked the self-seriousness of the Oscars and the job of moviemaking.” 

If you know of any other RISD alums who are up for Oscars this year, please let us know! 

Oscar Night Update!

Once Billy Crystal quieted down, Hugo took home the first two awards of the night, including one for cinematographer Robert Richardson 79 FAV. The movie, based on the story by Brian Selznick 88 IL is up for 11 Academy Awards tonight, and we will be counting!

Post-Oscar update: Hugo took home five trophies, as many as Best Picture winner The Artist.