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New Perspective on Cosmic Questions

If you want to put things in perspective, tune in to Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, the new science series Seth MacFarlane 95 FAV helped revive this spring. And maybe you already have.


Since it got off the ground with a ton of hype last month, MacFarlane’s new Cosmos seems to be hitting a chord with viewers in all 181 countries where it currently airs. While it’s a lot glitzier than its predecessor – the late Carl Sagan’s popular 13-part PBS series from 1980 – the show does a great job of reminding us of our relative insignificance living on this “small speck of dust” we call earth.

As executive producer and prime mover, MacFarlane (second from right above) got the blessing of Fox – home base for his animated sitcom Family Guy – and teamed up with Sagan’s original creative collaborators: his wife and writer/executive producer Ann Druyan and co-writer/astronomer Steven Soter, who invited astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson to stand in for Sagan.

As Forbes points out in this video made prior to the launch of the new Cosmos, MacFarlane is known more for the raunchy humor of his TV shows and movies like Ted than for his true interest in science. But he says the motivation for co-producing this impressive new take on the Cosmos concept stems from his reverence for the series he loved as a kid. 


Carl Sagan hosting Cosmos in 1980

Cosmos addressed questions that every human being has, whether they think about them on a mathematical level or just as a layman,” MacFarlane said in an interview quoted in the New York Times. “It presented them in a wonderfully candy-coated way for those of us who are not scientists, and yet it didn’t dumb anything down.”


Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts the new version of Cosmos

“No matter what you think of everything else [MacFarlane has] done,” writes a critic for The Wrap, “I think you’d have to agree: He’s using his power for good. Cosmos appeals to all our best instincts. It invites us to dream our biggest dreams, set our intellect free and come lay out under the vast twinkling sky.”

With Oscar-mania reaching a full frenzy leading up to the big day, anyone plugged into just about any device is likely to hear about Seth MacFarlane 95 FAV, if they haven’t already. The semi-“controversial” host of this year’s awards ceremony – who’s also a multitalented jokester-of-a-thousand voices – just may push the envelope on Sunday night, even in Hollywood.

When asked how he thought he’d do as the man of the hour (or two), he told ABC News he’ll probably stand out as the “most astonishingly dazzlingly mediocre” Oscar host in recent memory. (Or not. You’ll have to tune in to judge for yourself.)

p.s. Here’s hoping cinematographer Robert Richardson 79 FAV nabs another gold statue – this time for his work on Django Unchained.

In an unstoppable rash of media attention, Seth MacFarlane 95 FAV has now gotten the Barbara Walters treatment (and he didn’t even break down in tears as a result). Walters chose him as one of her 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012, which led to the piece that aired last night on ABC.

In the interview she actually ups the ante on “fascinating,” calling Seth an “all-around genius.” She also asks him what it’s like to earn more than $30 million a year and adds, “You might think that Seth is at the peak of his career, but, in fact, he’s just getting started.”

ABC6, the local affiliate, filmed a tie-in video on campus yesterday, interviewing FAV Professor Amy Kravitz about what Seth was like as a student (“He didn’t always listen to what I suggested to him”) and asking a couple of other current students what they think of his success. Check it out here.

Family Guy Turns from TED to COSMOS

In the wake of the June 29 premiere of Ted, the summer fluffernutter featuring a raunchy talking teddy bear, Seth MacFarlane 95 FAV stepped outside the media blitz surrounding the release of his much-talked-about movie – which he wrote, directed, co-produced and voiced (he plays the weed-smoking bear).

This time Seth was talking science with Wired, ready to think about his next big project (beyond his day-to-day stuff as executive producer of Family Guy). He’s producing a new, 13-episode version of Carl Sagan’s classic PBS science series Cosmos, slated to air on Fox in 2013.

“I’m dismayed at the rejection of science that’s reemerging in America,” he said in the interview. “There’s nothing out there that glamorizes science the way Cosmos did.”

When Wired noted how politicized science has become in the US, Seth agreed: “It’s absurd…. Science doesn’t care if you’re a Democrat or a Republican. It just is.”

Between his stand-up comedy, his crooning, his chameleon-like voicing abilities, his TV production work and everything else he jams into his massively overloaded life, Seth MacFarlane 95 FAV definitely does have ADD – which is a wonderful thing, as this CBS Sunday Morning interview from yesterday affirms.

“What I enjoy are things that scare me a bit,” Seth notes in a nod to his RISD risk-taking roots. Next up on the scarey list: his first live action feature film, Ted, which opens on June 29.